Weekly Newsletter 77: Jan 21-27

Published on 27 January 2024 at 00:42

     This week I’ve done a lot of writing and editing, but not a lot of posting online and my week got shuffled around so each day felt wrong. It’s hard to get into a new routine. BUT! An Angel’s Advent books FINALLY went out yesterday! Woohoo!

Author's Life:

      Alrighty, this week went MUCH smoother. My Viking was only home one day and that was because he pulled a muscle in his knee and needed to rest it. BUT my days got messed up. We had to move our Delving Into Darkness (D&D type game) game night from Thursday morning to Wednesday Morning, and every day after that felt wrong. Like yesterday felt like Saturday, today feels like Sunday… it’s just been an off week.

      I’ve also not been posting much to socials because I’ve been so immersed in writing and editing. Oops! I did however got to have lunch with my sister Friday, and give her the presents I got for her birthday (which was the 19th). I hadn’t seen her since Christmas. We were supposed to see each other last week, but blizzard. C'est la vie!

Writing & Editing:

     Not only did I finish editing Kalista Chronicles Book 5: An Angel Ensnared (Blurb coming soon), I finished writing it early Sunday Morning! I went over it with my Manager Sunday night and got the seal of approval for the ending. The Final draft ended up as 120,097 words. Upon completion, I announced it to the world early Monday Morning, and immediately wrote down notes for the start of book 6. Then I sent the pdf off to my Manager for him to read over the book in full, so he can read over it and make suggestions before it goes to the other editors.

       Now, I’m rewriting the Created Angel Chronicles, book 5: Chaos Theory. Fun Fact: I wrote Chaos Theory before I wrote The Stained Angel, AND I’ve been itching to get to this book for WEEKS, but I had to finish An Angel Ensnared first. I am 1/3 of the way through Chaos Theory, and have added 5,825 words to the document, which includes a chapter with a steamy scene. 😉

Cover Reveal August 17th

Cover Reveal TBD


   An Angel’s Advent Update:


      The books FINALLY went out because Overnight Prints sent me GOOD bookmarks FINALLY! After 3 bad batches, one of which was never shipped to me because quality caught it. I packed up the 5 preorders and the one sale box (all 7 of my books) Thursday Night, and shipped them out Friday. <3


  Cry Havoc Update:

    Out of 19 Beta Readers that were still reading:
      ~ 2 have gotten through chunk 4 (which dropped yesterday)
      ~ 6 have finished chunk 3 and will get to chunk 4 today
      ~ 7 are now working on chunk 3 now.
      ~ 4 are still working through chunk 1…

ARC Sign-ups End and Pre-order of print copies begin February 14th!

The latest Kalista Chronicles Book!

The Next Release Out April 9th!

Art Feature:

     This week’s art feature is Kotys Bendis. She is the adopted daughter of Chaos, one third of the Triumvirate of Deadly Sirens. Kotys is a Side Character of the next 2 books of the Created Angel Chronicles CRY HAVOC & CHAOS THEORY. This is the render I made for her Biography over on the Cast of Characters page, if you haven’t seen or read that page, go have a look! It’s Fascinating 😉 (Her biography will be underneath the picture. I'll do a picture of her Alias next week)


     Kotys is the daughter of Zalmoxis, or Zamina Bendis, head of the Thracian Pantheon of Angels. She is said to have “No father”, though both Zalmoxis and Chaos know who her father is, the latter is bound to secrecy. Kotys has great healing abilities that center around sex and relationships. She was forced to flee her pantheon after Zalmoxis’s lover got jealous and tried to kill her. Kotys in turn killed her, and she fled with Chaos to stop a war within the Pantheon.

     Kotys was forced to hide her powers after someone tried to hunt her down and exact revenge for the death of Zalmoxis’s lover. Kotys and Chaos moved to France and where Kotys went to university and became a lawyer. She also took up part time exotic dancing to pay tuition and she enjoyed it, but the environment wasn’t friendly to Preternaturals, so she and Chaos started the first Gentlemen’s club with a completely Preternatural staff, The Kandy Shop in Paris, France.


Kotys is a thoughtful and protective friend, and a savvy businesswoman. A professional in the streets, and a bubbly, caring, hopeless romantic in the comfort of her own home. She is very business minded, but also has a big heart that often gets her into trouble, but she has enough know-how to get herself and anyone she’s protecting out again.


Alias: Kandis Kandy

Race: Born Angel

Age/dob: sometime at the height of the Tuatha de Danann

Height: 6’ 3.5”, 192 CM

Weapon of Choice: Words and the Law, though she will use her powers to kill she prefers not to.

Mode of Transportation: Her Aston Martin one-77

Favorite Pastime: Reading, taking in strays…

Job: Lawyer by day, Mistress/Madame by Night (as alter ego Kandis Kandy).

Parents: Zalmoxis

Siblings: None

Favorite Person: Chaos

Least Favorite Person: She keeps that tight to the vest.

Love: NA

Children: NA

Pet Peeve: When someone challenges me, or attacks Chaos.

Powers: Omnikinesis, teleportation, Telepathy, Allure, Cruciatus, Intuition, Truth Speaking, Reveal, Glamour, Realm Walking, skyn-shyfting, and Shadow shyfting.

     If you’d like to ARC read, Cry Havoc Sign-ups are open until the 14th of February and the ARC copies go out March 9th. You NEED to have read the Created Angel Chronicles books 1-3 to ARC read this one, so says my Manager and a couple other Beta readers.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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