Weekly Writer Update 39: May 7-13

Published on 13 May 2023 at 08:30

This week...

    This week was... Honestly, this week I was so busy with editing, rewriting, and writing that I was completely unaware of the passage of time which decided to try to fly this week. (^_^;)

I had an existential crisis on Tuesday night which lead to a late night of writing into the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Then early bedtime for Delving into Darkness (TTRPG) with my Australian Group on Thursday Morning at 5:30, Bella’s follow-up from her surgery in the afternoon, followed by even more editing and writing, and Friday I dyed my hair (blue-black, for the first time ever, I love it) and wrote and edited more…

    That’s really all my week has been is writing and editing in between the bouts of Vertigo and doubts setting in because there is only 62 more days until Discord’s Nightmare comes out and not many people have gotten Haunted Angel let alone read it, and ugh! Why do I do this to myself?! (overthinking)

Writing and Ediitng

    The meat of this week, and pretty much all I've been doing. I’ve done a LOT of writing and editing… Well, not a LOT of writing, a lot more editing and rewriting, but I’m getting closer to finishing Cry Havoc the sequel to Discord’s Nightmare (July 17, 2023), which is set to come out April 2024. I started a new book which happens in the background of Cry Havoc, though I'm hoping it will be a simple Novella, but we shall see. 

    I have not gotten to the Christmas book rewrite as I am taking a little break to write up a new book for the Word War that I mentioned last week, which is where the Novella came in. I haven’t gotten nearly as many words as I wanted to this week, but I’m getting 1-2k a day between my multiple projects. 

And the publishing?

    Beta readers have the 5 of 6 chunks of Discord’s Nightmare now and Maxine (my editor) has Broken Redeemer. My dad will get it as soon as she’s done and Beta’s will get that in the End of July. ^_^… Still not going to talk about sales as they’re still down, but compared to “A Born Angel” my first book, I think ALL my books are going to feel like they're not doing well. And THAT is because it sold 200 copies in three months due mostly to a sale Amazon ran between Christmas 2021 and New year’s Day 2022. I don’t think many people have even read that book sadly… (-_-)

     Also, there will be a special announcement blog on Tuesday May 15th about the Discord’s Nightmare book boxes, what will be in them, how much they will cost, and any additional add-ons that you can add to it (if you want). There will only be 20 boxes made up. 10 paperback and 10 hardcover. That’s all I’ll tell you here.

The Art Sneak Peak!

     Today, you get this piece that I made for the Cover Sleeve of Discord’s Nightmare! Yes, this book will come with an awesome cover sleeve made by the amazing Charming Chapters over on Instagram. Iin this picture is Discord and the main Love Interest, Max who’s Guardian Designation, and what a lot of his enemies call him, Mayhem standing in the Blue Diamond the oldest Preternatural (non-human) speakeasy in New Orleans, LA.

     This is NOT the final cover piece as I have tweaked it a bit and I realized that I missed a golden opportunity to add Max’s “shadow” in the background (the betas, and my manager, will get that reference). It will also feature her fixed skin as there is an issue with it. And the background will be a bit different color wise, and her hair will also be fully red too as per the scene this is kinda from.

Thanks for reading!

I’m going to be putting out a special Announcement blog for preorders of Discord’s Nightmare on Tuesday the 15th which is a month before preorders drop so you have time to save up for the book box.


(aka Born Angel Author)

Mark your calendar:  June 15 preorders for Discord's Nightmare begin, July 15 book release day, August 17 Broken Redeemer Cover Reveal, October 31st Release day, November 2nd Cover and Name reveal for Christmas Book.

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