Weekly Writer Update 41: May 21-27

Published on 27 May 2023 at 08:30


     This has been a week of Trip Prep as it is Memorial Day weekend here in the US and my hubby and I are going out of town, but that didn't stop me from making a Kickstarter, and doing editing in between prep!

What Non-book things happened?

     As I said above there was a LOT of trip prep, from laundry, to getting the cars cleaned out, to making sure everything was packed it was a hassle, but I finally got he Kickstarter all set and ready for those in the US, UK, and AUS as I know I have a few friends abroad that want a copy. ;) Then I had a three hour panic attack yesterday when there was a miscommunication and I thought the trip was cancelled. But, by the time you read this, we’ll already be halfway to our destination!

Writing and Editing:

   Right Now, I’m working through the Christmas book, name to be announced later, as it pertains spoilers for the Kalista Chronicles. This book is lovey, dovey and has all that Young love draw after a series of unfortunate events, though it is not without the Darkness and intense pacing either! I’m on chapter 22 of (as of right now) 56 chapters and it currently has 90k words… I’ve added a good 2k even thought I deleted several thousand words. It’s getting a revision much like the second two Kalista books received.

Up next in Publishing:

      Discord’s Nightmare comes out in 48 days. The Book Box Campaign(link) launches in 5 days, this “campaign” is what I am using for my Preorder this time around, so if you have not yet signed up to be notified(link), you want to do so ASAP. And if you haven’t read Stained Angel or Haunted Angel, you can find them on Amazon, Barnes n Noble, Google Play, iBooks, kobo, and Scribd. (All those links are on their page, click here to be redirected there.)

    Also, this book brings the “heat” to the series, so if you are not a fan of smut in books, you may want to skip this one or at least avoid SPOILERS: the end of chapter 2, all of chapter 8, and chapter 45 and the first paragraph of chapter 46. There are passes, innuendos, and mentions of non-hetero and nonmonogamy, made throughout the book, but only those 3 chapters have sex in them in explicit details.  

The Art!

     This week, I have another picture for Discord’s Nightmare. This is what will be one of the tumblers. There will also be a  second design, so it is a mystery which of the two designs you will receive it is also in need of a bit of a fix, but I don’t think you’ll notice what needs fixed. I was hoping to have the second design rendering before we left on our trip, but this one took too dang long to finish. So, I’ll work on that Wednesday.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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