Weekly Writer Update 65: 28-4

Published on 4 November 2023 at 08:30

    Happy National Novel Writing Month! Also known as November, for those who aren't writers. So many things happened this week and it makes one very tired author, BUT I’m feeling accomplished as well! Though still a bit sad that the last preordered didn’t do so well… Read on for the details!

Author's Life:

      This week was in one word: HECTIC. Here’s the breakdown!

  • Sunday: I finished Cry Havoc edits, and then started a new story… yes, I know, My Manager advised against it, but I couldn’t help it!
  • Monday: I worked on promos and finalizing the cover reveals for Wednesday AND finished writing that story (more about that in the next section)!
  • Tuesday: It was Halloween and Book release day for A Broken Redeemer, Kalista book 3.
  • Wednesday: I started writing for National Novel Writing Month (more about that in the writing section).
  • Thursday: I posted the cover and title reveal for the Christmas Book: Kalista book 4: An Angel’s Advent on my socials. The preorder starts on Sunday! (November 5th)
  • Friday: I had a chiropractic appointment, then I went to Tim Hortons to do some writing and grab a snack before going to the Mechanic, where I wrote some more while the Jeep was getting an oil change. Then I did the usual errands and came home to write some more.
  • Saturday: Today’s agenda is make pies for my family's Early Thanksgiving, which is tomorrow, making some chocolates for the Broken Redeemer book boxes that are to go out on Monday, and packing up all the Paperback orders… AND I’m going to make sure the pre-order is ready to drop! (More info on that in the publishing section.)

So, what exactly am I writing?

Writing & Editing:

      Well, first things first, I finished Cry Havoc and send it off to Maxine, my editor. I also added the short story to the back of it! Yes, you read that right. The short story I wrote this Sunday and Monday, {which was 7k+ words and leads into Chaos Theory (Deadly Siren book 3 out April 2025)} will be in the back of Cry Havoc. (0.0)

      Wednesday bright and early, I started National Novel Writing Month (if you want to know more about that, click here), and I, as of 12 am, have 14,520 words.  I am 5.5 chapters deep into An Angel Ensnared, which is Kalista book 5 and will come out Halloween 2024! I’m so excited!

But what about books 3 and 4?!


      The Pre-order for A Broken Redeemer ended with only 10 orders. This is a bit less than anticipated, and even less than my very first pre-order. If you include the Amazon eBook preorders that only brings it up to 12… It’s a bit depressing, and I hope that doesn’t reflect on the next pre-order…

      I’m hesitant to post it, but if I don't post it then NO-ONE will pre-order. So, here goes, the Pre-order for An Angel’s Advent begins tomorrow. Ever physical book that is preordered will come with an eBook copy. Why? Because I will not be able to get you the book by Christmas due to printing and shipping being super slow during this the busiest time of the year. ALSO, I know that a lot of people prefer eBooks, and DRM-Free ones at that, so this time I’m also doing an eBook Option via my website as well! Though you can still pre-order them through your favorite retailers too. Just not for a few more weeks. ;)

Everyone who orders via my website will get a 5 chapter preview
to their email!


       But Jenn, 

"What if I haven't read the first 3 books?" Well, have I got the deal for you! This month only you can get the first 3 eBooks directly from me DRM Free Right here on my website for only $8! 

After December 1st, they go up to $8.50!


if you like physical books, live in the US, and love paperbacks specifically, you can get the first 3 books 25% off (only $50) and if you order before Thanksgiving I will be sure they get to you by Christmas.

Art Feature:

     So, for this week, you get a random picture that I made of the antagonist known as the Golden Bitchtress, Goldie Locks, and Órbhuí, aka Nevari who is primarily in the Created Angel Chronicles, but she does show up in A Broken Redeemer and in An Angel’s Advent. Or at least her presence does. She doesn’t make a bodily appearance for a bit in this series… I think.

      Here Nevari can be seen in a Rustic Nordic Hall that is decorated with skulls and candles. Why? Because Nevari was once an Angel of Life and in her corrupted state is an Angel of Death.

       Once known as Idunn, she offers you a golden Apple. Will you take it and the cup she’ll offer you next?

I'd advise against it... You'll live longer. 

fun fact: This picture was inspired by the song W.I.T.C.H by Devon Cole.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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The rest of this year:

November 5th - Book Box Madness/Pre-order begins! December 17th - Birthday book day!!!!

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