Weekly Writer Update 66: November 5-11

Published on 11 November 2023 at 03:23

    This week has been a busy one from start to finish, and entering the second week of writing the 5th Kalista Chronicles Book: An Angel Ensnared for NaNoWriMo. Plus, the 4th book, An Angel's Advent is Available for Preorder… and I’m running a Christmas Sale in my shop… It’d go better if Algorithms would stop suppressing me.

Author's Life:

      This week has been another busy one! I did a lot of writing, had a couple family get togethers, helped my mom take cars to and from the mechanic, then I kidnapped **coughs** I mean hosted my cousin for a couple days, and we wrote together. I have to return her today then I'm headed to do the usual Friday errands. 

Me with three of my girl cousins, the only 3 that could be there Thursday:

(L to R: Bethany, Joy, Me{Jenn}, and Kayla)

It had been a long day and we were all pretty tired, but we were glad to be able to spend time together. 

Writing & Editing:

      Last Saturday I had 14,520 words. I ended Friday with 43,440 words that’s 28,920 more words than last week. (0.o) (o.0) I’m liking where this is going but I’m only on chapter twelve and getting into the meat of this book. Wow there have been some twists I didn’t expect as per the norm, since I'm a discovery writer whose stories are character driven not plot driven. Things tend to change fast.


       The Pre-order for An Angel’s Advent began on Sunday, and I’ve only gotten one order so far. Shout out to my sister, Kaz for easing my anxiety in this way. Hopefully there will be more this weekend. Every physical book  comes with a free ebook copy, because I will not be able to get you the book by Christmas due to  holiday shipping and printing is slower.

     The betas now have chunk 5 of 6! I’m excited!! And I hope they’re getting more excited! I know some of them are, but it’s a busy time of year so others are having trouble finding time to read it, which is completely understandable.

Art Feature:


If you have not read books 1-3 of The Kalista Chronicles, THIS PICTURE AND SNIPPET CONTAINS SPOILERS!

      This art feature comes as a request from one of my beta readers, Jenn (aka Gelfie Cat). This scene is from the last page of Chapter Ten of An Angel’s Advent. In the picture Beryx and Kalista stand in the small hall in her room where he is holding out her goth bunny slippers.

Here is the Teaser Scene that precedes it:

    “…Beryx also has a pair of slippers that your sister brought with her last time she came by—”

    “Which sister?” I asked, and she paused.

    “You have more than one?” she asked, and I nodded.

    “I have three. Merida, Tatiana, and Allistasia,” I listed, and it was her turn to look perplexed.

    “I’ve only seen the dark haired one, but I also only work nightshifts,” she said, looking worn around the edges.

    “That would be Allistasia. Merida and Tatiana are both redheads,” I said, and a spark of recognition passed through her eyes.

    “Angelic… Lilian’s girls?” she asked, and I slowly nodded. “They’re friends with my son, Julian and his girlfriend, Katerina.”

    “Small world,” I said, knowing all too well that this was not a coincidence. Packana or Doctor Tragedy had hand selected who would be watching over me.

    “It really is.” Her hip beeped, and she pulled a flat square device from her belt. It had a screen at the top and the smallest keyboard I’d ever seen on the bottom. “That’s another patient needing assistance. I have to go, but it was very nice meeting you Miss Ang—”

    “You can call me Kalista,” I said on reflex, and she dipped her head.

    “I’ll no doubt see you around, Kalista. Be careful, and don’t overdo it,” she reminded me as she opened the door. Beryx held the hall door for her as I tilted my head. She was the second one to say something like that.

    I put the handheld monitor into the pocket of my gown, that wrapped around me nearly twice, and was large enough to cover me from shoulder to mid-calf, then walked out. In Beryx’s hands were a fuzzy pair of black bunny slippers. I’d bought on the shopping trip with Packana (well-beloved father) and Lilith, or Lilian as Karen called her. Never was I happier to see a pair of slippers in my entire life.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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