Weekly Writer Update 70: Dec 3-9

Published on 9 December 2023 at 01:17

The first full week of December has come with so many ups and downs that I don’t know which way is up right now. I’ve not done much in the way of writing, but the next book comes out in eight days…

on my birthday… and you can sign up to beta read the next book, Cry Havoc.... For more details read on!

Author's Life:

      Last week’s Delving into Darkness game was a hit, but this week, we’ll be playing tomorrow as we had some scheduling conflicts this week. The rest of the week has been up and down. I’ve been dealing with depression due to something personal, and I don’t want to talk about it on here. If you watched all of my 10 minute TikTok from Monday then you know a little bit of what I'm going through, and that’s all I’m going to say as to details. Overall, It’s rough, disappointing, and makes me feel like a failure in yet another area, but it's not life threatening. I just have to refocus and push it from my mind.

Writing & Editing:

     I said that I’d get back to writing Sunday… I did not. I have not written all week. I did edit a bit of Cry Havoc as Dad gave me back his copy, and I got a chunk back from Maxine, but I’ve only added maybe 19 words to An Angel Ensnared because of the depressive episode this week. Hoping to get to it today, and finish by my birthday (next Sunday, the 17th).


Old Business:

       Preorders are still up for An Angel's Advent (no longer). There's only one more week to preorder! Then you miss out on the art and bonus items. Every Physical book will get an ebook copy as I will not be able to get the books out to you on Release day (or even before Christmas at the rate of Amazon's shipping)

New Business:

       Cry Havoc is now mostly edited, and ready for Betas to read it come January 5th. If you would like to know more about the book Click here. If you want sign-up to be a Beta Reader, which is involved and detailed, or an ARC reader, which is just read the book the month before it comes out and review it, please check out THIS post.

        I just got the book back from my Dad who was my first editor this time. He was a bit surprised that he was the first, as I've usually had Max look it over before now, because there was so little that needed fixed. I have given it to Max (my main editor), but she's only on chunk 2 of five now due to life situations. So, she may not be done by the time the betas start it. 

Art Feature:

     Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to do An Angel’s Advent art again… I did some NSFW art for that website, which is linked at the bottom of my LINKS page, and THIS model test, which I can only show a "bust" of, due to her being nude, BUT...

      This is Chaos. She was mentioned in Discord’s Nightmare, she appears in Chapter Seven of  The Stained Angel alongside her adopted daughter Kotys, and was mentioned in Haunted Angel at least once. She is in the Triumvirate of Death and Music with Discord and Havoc. She also features a bit more in the beginning of Cry Havoc, and she has a book of her own, Chaos Theory which will come out in April of 2025.

Some facts about Chaos:

  • She is the Angel of Chaos, Death, and War.
  • She has had her fair share of trauma and heartache, for which she hates the Triumvirate of Evil and one member in particular, because it is his fault that she had anything to do with them.
  • She is a Video game tester.
  • She is also a bouncer for her daughters Gentlemen's Club "The Kandy Shop" which will feature in Cry Havoc as well. 
  • She may act tough, and be a nearly reclusive introvert, but she needs her sister's, loves them more than anything, and hates when they fight.
  • Her alter egos or aliases are Roxanne Kandy, bouncer and "mother hen" at the Kandy shop, and Harmony Altera, singer and PreterTube cover artist. 

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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The rest of this year:

November 5th - Book Box Madness/Pre-order begins! December 17th - Birthday book day!!!!

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