Weekly Newsletter 93: May 12-18

Published on 18 May 2024 at 00:02

This week my brain just was not “braining.” So, I buckled down and did a LOT of art. I did however get a few other projects started or edited too, plus I’ve been posting frantically about needing betas for AN ANGEL ENSNARED! More details below!

Author's Life:

     As I said in the intro, I’ve made a LOT of art this week. I’ve made 8 renders, 7 of which were for the Born Angel Universe. The first one was for my Support Australian and Editor, Matt’s TTRPG game setting, The Deep Lands. I love how it turned out, so go check out the Black Library over on my DeviantArt(DA) page. You can also see a couple of the art pieces there as well, because they weren’t part of the current book, they went up on that page and not here, plus they were redo’s of pictures from 2018. ⚠️WARNING⚠️: before you go there, one of them is a bit risqué. It doesn’t violate DA guidelines, as it doesn’t show anything, but it is not something I’d post to Instagram or Facebook.

     I'm still walking twice a day with Bella, when it's not raining like it was last night. 🙄 I've actually lost 2 lbs, since getting back from vacation! Which is awesome because what I had been trying wasn't working. So, we're actually going to increase how much we walk, as my legs allow and add in some other light strength training exercises, too. Hopefully, it'll keep going down.

Writing & Editing:


      I actually started writing An Angel Falls, which is book 6 of the Kalista Chronicles. It’s a bit out of the ordinary for me, because I normally save Kalista books for November (NaNoWriMo), but I'm not participating via the website this time, and this book wouldn’t wait. It now has 3,979 words, which completes the Prologue. Then I wrote another bit of Cookies & Rage, which has 6,112 words. So, maybe I did do a fair bit of writing. 😅 10k is a fair bit, right?


     I’ve gotten a chapter of Chaos Theory edited this week, but I’ve been working on editing Cookies and Rage too I’ve done three chapters of rewrite for that one. I’m still debating on when it will release, but we got a couple years. For now, Maxine is working on An Angel Ensnared, and got a bit delayed last week, chronic pain and illness sucks. Hopefully, I get chunk one (chapters 1-10) back today!



  1. If you’ve read the first 4 books of the Kalista Chronicles, (Born Angel, Brave Sacrifice, Broken Redeemer, and Angel’s Advent),

  2. have a few weeks in June/July free (June 21st-July 26th),

  3. Are interested in Beta Reading book 5: An Angel Ensnared, PLEASE head on over to the Beta Reader information page and carefully read over what I need/like in Beta Readers before signing up.

    There are 10 Beta readers right now, (plus my editors who are going to go over it a second time, so I need a few more eyes on it.

    If you have not read the first 4 books, but want to beta read, and think you can read them by June 21st, send me a direct message on any of my social media (listed below) or send me an email at bornangelauthor@gmail.com with the subject line “Beta Reading An Angel Ensnared” and we can work on getting you the first 4 books.

Art Feature:

     This week’s art feature is my OTP (One True Pairing, for those who are older or younger and don’t know that), Kalista and Beryx. There’s so many more of their cute romantic moments in An Angel Ensnared, so I decided to give a sneak peak at their first “Fade to Black” moment of this Semi-closed  Door Romance. It’s in Chapter Three 😉 and yes, her books aren't romance focused, but it is a subplot. AND IT'S ADORABLE!

My current reads:

I'm currently reading through and editing Chaos Theory and Cookies & Rage. I'm on chapter 8 of Chaos and 3 of C&R. Wish me luck! 

I have finished ALL 16 of the Dresden Files PLUS The 3 additional books: Brief Cases, Side Jobs, and The Law. 

   In the absence of Harry, I have started listening to An Angel Ensnared (via Voice Dream) to catch more mistakes, and thinking about working on the Audio Book for A Born Angel...

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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