Weekly Newsletter 98: June 16-22

Published on 22 June 2024 at 02:38

Beta reading of An Angel Ensnared (Kalista Chronicles Book 5) started yesterday! I’ve been recovering from deep cleaning, stress, and a four day weekend filled with family activities. During recovering I’ve been busily reworking covers and blurbs for the first 8 books instead of writing An Angel Falls

Author's Life:

      This week has been a week for recovery. After I spent 3 days deep cleaning the apartment, I spent 4 days doing things with family, and my body was NOT happy with me. My knee is still feeling unstable, painful, and keeps popping. My head does not like the heat (it’s been in the 80’s Fahrenheit all week here), and my back had been talking to me. I have, however been reworking covers and blurbs to be put up soon! Along with more things! Keep reading!

Writing & Editing:


     I went back through An Angel Falls because I’m still second guessing where I started and where it’s going. I think I’m doing too much thinking on what I had for this book, and not wanting it to go there, but that’s where it’s going, so yeah… It’s gonna be gory.  

     I’m also editing A Born Angel— Yes, book 1 of the Kalista Chronicles— again… The chapters for A Born Angel were too short, some weren’t even 1k words. So, I am combining them. At least, that’s how it started. I noticed quite a few mistakes, some errors in consistency of names, dialogue issues, and some issues with footnotes, Demoki words, and even when a telepath projects. It’s a lot of fixes, so there will probably be a new edition of A Born Angel, and also a New Edition of A Brave Sacrifice, as I’ll be re-chaptering that as well… and I’m banking on finding mistakes with it too. 🤦🏻‍♀️


      I didn’t manage to do a lot of writing, but it’s more than last week! An Angel Falls (Kalista Chronicles book 6) went from 19,842 to 21,454! That is over a thousand words more than last week! I’m still disappointed that I didn’t get more done, but dealing with aches and pains, plus the brain just not wanting to focus is rough for book writing. I’m planning on getting the last few blurbs rewritten… plus the re-chaptering this week... 🤞🏻

With the Editors:

      Maxine still has chunk 2 of An Angel Ensnared. 😅 She’s close to done with it, then she’ll be halfway there. Matt has finished Chaos Theory (book 5 of the Created Angel Chronicles) and his edits are all in, which means it’s time for my Dad to read it… I have the newly revised (and new cover) arrived today, but he has a lot on his plate right now, so  I don’t want to add more.👉🏻👈🏻 Plus, this one’s a bit personal… I even dedicated it to myself...


     Beta reading An Angel Ensnared started yesterday!!! Out of 11 betas, 4 have finished the first chunk! And the rest have at least gotten it… Hopefully.

      If you’d like to read this book before it releases and leave a review when it does, you can sign up for an, ARC review copy signups are open for this book. There is the choice of paperback, ebook, or pdf format. I only have 4 paperbacks available so, sign up today!

 Thank you for reading this far!

 Here’s another Angel Ensnared tidbit: from Chapter Fourteen:

      He kissed me on the lips, short and sweet, then slid out of bed. I snuggled into the warm spot he left and pulled the blankets in around me. I watched him walk to the bathroom. Sunlight from the bay window highlighted the muscles of his tan skin as he walked through the patch of sunshine and the sight involuntarily pulled my lips up. The scars from his torture were fading, but even with them, he was mouth-wateringly handsome, and all mine.

      He turned at the door to the bathroom, and I summoned my phone. I snapped a quick picture of him, then tucked the phone under the sheets before he looked up. A smirk lifted his lips and blush burned up my cheeks at the thought that he might have seen it.

Next for BETA reading:

     If you have read up to Cry Havoc in the Created Angel Chronicles, Beta Reading Signups for Book 5: Chaos Theory Open on Wednesday, July 17th! Why so early? Because I want to get the beta reading done BEFORE the Winter holidays. Beta Reading will start September 20, and end on October 18th.

      I know this is 2 weeks before An Angel Ensnared releases, but again, I want this DONE before the holidays! I need time to relax and write in November for National Novel Writing Month without that distraction. PLUS, Chaos deserves all the attention, love, and just... She's my favourite Created Angel Character... to date. So, please, SIGN UP! It's gonna be Steamy, Gory, and a wee bit cheesy!

Thanks for getting this far! Here’s a Teaser for Chaos Theory!

      “Some relationships end badly no matter what we do. We could do everything right and still things don’t work out…”

     “You speak with the voice of experience.”

     “My relationships usually end in ruin.”

Art Feature:

Alright, this week I’m giving you all a comparison of the Old Kalista covers vs the new ones! I’m so excited to have them all done! Now I just need to finish the inside of Born Angel and Brave Sacrifice.

I'm hoping to have the new covers up and available for order by next week!

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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Mark Your Calendars:

Kalista Chronicles: An Angel Ensnared, book 5

~ Beta Reading: June 21-July26
~ ARC sign-ups: closes September 1st.
~ ARC Reading: starts September 15th
~ Release Day: Thursday, October 31st

Created Angel Chronicles: Chaos Theory, book 5
~ Cover Reveal: Wednesday, July 10th 5pm EDT.
~ Beta Reader Sign-ups: Wednesday, July 17th - Sunday, September 1st.
~ Beta Reading begins: Friday, September 20th - Friday, October 25th. 
~ ARC sign-ups begin: October 1st.
~ ARC Reading: March 1st. 
~ Release Day: April 9th, 2025

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