Weekly Newsletter 75: Jan 7-13

Published on 13 January 2024 at 00:54

Week two of the new year has gone… Interesting to be sure. We’ve had a few power outages here and boy have they made life interesting, but I’ve got my laptop back, and I’m FINALLY back on my “normal” sleep schedule so the creative juices are flowing again...

Author's Life:

       I got my laptop back on Monday! It’s working great and then we had power outages both Tuesday and Wednesday.
     ~ Tuesday the power was out for nine hours. My phone died, my laptop got down to 10%, and I ended up reading via my kindle for the last hour of that, then continued reading well into the morning and even after my husband left for work, oops. (If you’re wondering what I was reading, it was “A Court of Sugar and Spice” by Rebecca F. Kenney, who is a mutual of mine on Social Media)
     ~ Wednesday the power was out again but this time it was only for a couple hours, Thank God!
     ~ Thursday morning (3:30-5:30 am) was Delving into Darkness with my Australian Friends, our first game of the year (if you don’t know what that is it’s a Tabletop Roleplay Homebrew based of Basic Fantasy, like D&D but not.
     ~ Friday, I locked my keys in the house and Mom couldn’t find her spare key, so she brought me a ladder so I could climb in the window. Then I had to run the weekly errands, and to say that I was sore when I got home was an understatement. My hubby thought my whimpering and wanting to cuddle more was adorable though.

     ~ Today, I’m even more sore. All my joints are achy, and the snowstorm that’s blown in hasn’t helped things. Gotta love Arthritis. I may need to do some research into how to prevent such soreness or at least lessen it without the use of pain meds... If you have advice on that, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the blog. 

Writing & Editing:

     Unfortunately, I haven’t written any more of the secret WIP, but I have been editing An Angel Ensnared (October 2024) so that I can finish it before April when my editors are supposed to get it. (^_^;) I’m on Chapter 11 of 38 so far, and I’ve cut over a thousand words, by closing the doors on the romance. I also wrote a scene that’s 2.6k words as a background piece for Havoc, Main Character of my next release Cry Havoc, which was inspired by today’s Art Feature (scroll to the bottom to see it).


      An Angel’s Advent Update:

      I have decided to go with a different company for my bookmarks after not hearing anything from them for 3 weeks. After that decision was made, I finally got an Email from them yesterday saying that the bookmarks were flagged due to bad quality and had to be Re-queued. So, they will take even MORE time to get here. But the New company is sending me a proof copy of the bookmarks this week! They’re the same company I get all my art prints from and now my bookmarks too!

       Cry Havoc Update:

       Out of 32 Beta Readers that started, 10 of them have finished the first chunk, 1 has finished the entire book, and 4 have told me via email or discord that they’re working on it but loving it so far. That leaves 16 of them who have not responded to the original email or my 2 other emails this week. I’m a bit worried/anxious, but it is what it is.

Art Feature:

       This week’s art feature was partially inspired by the song “Ruthless” by Jorge Rivera-Herrans and the Cast of EPIC the musical (which the former is still writing and I love each instalment). Anyhow, this is Havoc back in her days as Queen Mab of the Cú Sídhe, the Irish Fae Death Hounds of legend.

      And yes, as I said in the “Writing & Editing” portion, this scene inspired a 2.6K chapter or short story that tells when Havoc/Mab was cursed, which was well over 7,700 years before her book takes place. Yes, I know, that boggles the mind, but try not to let it intimidate you too much. (^_-)

ARC reading:

     If you’d like to ARC read, Cry Havoc Sign-ups are open until the 14th of February and the ARC copies go out March 9th. You NEED to have read the Created Angel Chronicles books 1-3 to ARC read this one, so says my Manager and a couple other Beta readers.

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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The rest of this year:

January 1st ~ Cover Reveal for CRY HAVOC! January 5-February 14 ~ Beta Reading for CRY HAVOC! February 15th ~ Preorder Begins! March 9th ~ ARC Reading begins! April 9th ~ Release day for CRY HAVOC! July 23rd ~ Beta Reading for AN ANGEL ENSNARED! August 17

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