Weekly Newsletter 86: March 24-29

Published on 30 March 2024 at 00:05

The word for this week is Hazy… I feel like I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted to and was too caught up in the next few weeks events instead of the present. But I did get the preorders all sent out/delivered, and I wrote a lot.

Author's Life:

    This week has been mostly writing and one day I drew for over 13 hours. Spent 12 hours on a random drawing (see below)… I was having a bad/hormonal/emotional day Thursday, for no real reason. 😓 I didn’t do any 3D art, because I had to do some maintenance on Nightmare (my desktop), plus I wanted to write more. I’ve also been in planning mode getting things ready for a road trip with my Nana (dad’s mom), making sure everything will be taking care of, and my Viking will have everything he needs while we’re gone. Even though that’s not for another week. What can I say? I’m Excited.

Writing & Editing:

    I have now added in all the red pen edits for An Angel Ensnared (Halloween 2024), chunked it up, sent the first chunk to my editor, and ordered a new proof copy with the edits, and a fixed cover (the first one was a bit dark still). I’ve also got a proof copy of Chaos Theory (April 2025) coming so that I can edit it while on the Road Trip.

    The Deadly Sirens book 4 (Created Angel Chronicles book 6) now has 14,756 words! I’m going to be doing a lot more writing this week, since I don’t have much to do with preorders and such… unless someone decides to place an order the last paperback.  


        I had 11 preorders of Cry Havoc and all are packed and sent out early! I have 1 hardcover and 1 paperback for whoever wants a copy early. There are still 10 days until Release Day! And you can still order ALL formats! They won’t arrive on release day, unless you snag the two copies I have left. First come, first serve!

      I also have 2 paperback copies of the 2nd Edition of the Stained Angel still available. I do have a few copies of Haunted Angel and one copy of Discord's Nightmare as well. So, I can do the whole paperback bundle for Release Day Delivery... if you order before Friday, April 5th.

Special Announcement: Goal & Giveaway

     If I can get 18 more preorders of Cry Havoc on Amazon in the next 10 days, I will run a giveaway. Two Lucky people that preorder (and follow the directions below) will get their choice of a signed book along with preorder goodies OR the Cry Havoc limited edition T-Shirt. (THIS IS OPEN INTERNATIONALLY)

     Directions: 1) Pre-order the eBook of Cry Havoc from AMAZON, 2) take a screenshot, 3) send it to me via email or a direct message on social media.

     Everyone that follows the directions this will get the first TEN CHAPTERS (via pdf), some digital art from the book, and a FREE short story called “The Judge Over the Angels” featuring Havoc and her hounds, the Cú Sídhe before they were cursed!

      This short story was something I wrote for fun, and because I needed that bit of backstory for reference. So, if you like snippets, short backstories, and other such things, go preorder the Kindle version of Cry Havoc on Amazon!

Art Feature:

      This picture is one I’ve been hanging onto for a LONG time. This is Luke MacBeth, Author of the Preternatural Fantasy ‘Change Comes Softly’ and the Historical Romance ‘Here’s the Truth’ Series. In her book (unfinished) Lilith says: “He had always been hounded by fangirls because he was one of the few male authors who wrote females without bias and damn near perfectly.”

Facts about Luke:

  • He has a secret Identity to hide him from fangirls.
  • He has a twin sister named Fríða Victory MacBeth.
  • He lives in the New Orleans Garden District.
  • He loves to write, and bases some of his books on visions he’s had.
  • His favorite Genre of music is Symphonic Rock/Metal.
  • That suit is leather and there is a reason... Read CRY HAVOC and find out 😉

Thanks for reading!

~Jenn (aka Born Angel Author)

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My Current Reads:

Right now I'm reading A Kingdom of Dreams (Viking Bloodlines Saga, Book 1) by Sam Northman, who I am Actually ARC reviewing for. It's now out, and I'm working on reading it. Just a bit busy with other things, But I'm loving it so far!
(LGBTQ+ Fantasy/Romance)

I am listening my way back through the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher read by James Marsters. I just finished book 13: Ghost Story. I cried so much at this book. 😭

November 5th - Book Box Madness/Pre-order begins! December 17th - Birthday book day!!!!

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