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Both series are set in an Alternate Universe where Angels, and Demons, live semi-harmoniously among humans. What does this mean? Well, check out the About page and the FAQ to learn more!

The Kalista Chronicles starts out YA(pg-13) and becomes NA (NC-17) by book 3. It features Kalista, a spunky Born Angel as she comes into her powers and sees the corruption that has grown in the Hidden City, Lashdanôke, and tries to fight against it in order to save her soulmate, herself, and the whole of Preternatural kind.

Series Highlights:
~ Fast paced & Action packed from page 1
~ Fated Mates
~ Time Travel
~ Kinetic Powers
~ Angels vs Demons
~ A city of Preternaturals
~ A Deal with a Fallen Angel
"I will save you." ~Vibes~

If you like Vampire Academy, Vampire Diaries, Immortal Instruments, and ACOTAR you're sure to love this series. 


The Created Angel Chronicles is an adult series that features the three types of Angels: Angeles (Unfallen), Demokæ (Fallen), and Fœmoræ (Corrupted/Demonic). Each book is from the Perspective of a different Angel, and usually about their journey to find their soulmate, or do what the Maker has sent them to do.

the first two books have no "Spice" but the third one brings the heat.

Series Highlights:
~ Fated Mates
~ Vigilante Justice
~ Angels VS Demons
~ Girl Marshal (Book 1)
~ Crime thriller/noir vibes (book 1&2)
~ Angels being Abducted
~ A Resurrected Serial Killer (book 1)
~ Fight against the clock (book 2)
~ Reunited love (book 3)
~ Angel of Death (books 3-6)

If you like The Dresden Files, The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novels, The Sookie Stackhouse Series, ACOTAR, Vampire Diaries, Vampire Academy, Succubus Blues, the Mercy Thompson Series, Immortal Instruments, and Good Omens. You're sure to LOVE this series.

Reading Order:

Also, click the title to be taken to a page that has a list of the Content warnings and possibly Triggers, Back of book blurb, Synopsis, and artwork from yours truly.

Kalista Chronicles:
A Born Angel
A Brave Sacrifice
A Broken Redeemer
An Angel's Advent

Created Angel Chronicles:
Stained Angel
Haunted Angel
Discord's Nightmare
Cry Havoc